Welcome to our brand new Education Hub! We are hard at work producing podcast episodes and video clips, writing profiles on global surgeons, and finding interesting research papers for you to enjoy. 


Each month we will be basing our content around a chosen topic, and we have an exciting plan for 2020:

February - Cardiovascular Health

March - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

April - Paediatrics

May - OMFS

June/July - Neurosurgery

July/August - Global Surgery At Large

August - Ophthalmology + InciSioN Family



InciSioN UK meets...

Beginning in February 2020, InciSioN UK will be meeting and writing profiles on two inspiring healthcare professionals each month, with a focus on how they are involved in global surgery.


InciSioN UK watches...

You've found InciSioN UK's video channel, where you'll find educational video clips either produced by us or reposted from elsewhere. Enjoy! 


InciSioN UK in conversation with...

Welcome to InciSioN UK's podcast! Here, we invite guests, usually surgeons, to talk to us about their careers and projects, and to share some insights and advice for the next generation. On selected advocacy days, we will also hand over the mic to those involved in the relevant fields.


Our most recent episode can be found to the right. For previous episodes click the logos top-right to find our channel on Anchor or Spotify.

We hope you enjoy, and please feel free to contact us with feedback on what you'd like to hear next!




Research Spotlight

Read our most recent posts, find PDF links below, and view PDFs of all papers here. 

InciSioN UK Journal Club

Next meeting

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Past meetings

14th August 2020 - Dr Tamara N Fitzgerald

'Gastroschisis in Uganda: opportunities for improved survival', Wesonga et al, 2016

19th June 2020 - Dr Etienne St Louis

'Calibration and validation of the paediatric resuscitation and trauma outcome model among injured children in Rwanda', Etienne St Louis et al, 2020

29th May 2020 - Dr Zakariae Benyaich Bio

'Awake craniotomy with functional mapping for glioma resection in a limited-resource-setting- preliminary experience from a lower-middle income country', Zakariae Benyaich et al, 2020