Welcome to our brand new Education Hub! We are hard at work producing podcast episodes and video clips, writing profiles on global surgeons, and finding interesting research papers for you to enjoy. 


Each month we will be basing our content around a chosen topic, and we have an exciting plan for 2020:

February - Cardiovascular Health

March - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

April - Paediatrics

May - OMFS

June/July - Neurosurgery

July/August - Global Surgery At Large

August - Ophthalmology + InciSioN Family



InciSioN UK meets...

Beginning in February 2020, InciSioN UK will be meeting and writing profiles on two inspiring healthcare professionals each month, with a focus on how they are involved in global surgery.


InciSioN UK watches...

You've found InciSioN UK's video channel, where you'll find educational video clips either produced by us or reposted from elsewhere. Enjoy!