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InciSioN Global Neurosurgery Virtual Conference in collaboration with NANSIG


InciSioN and NANSIG are proud to formally announce the 2021 Global Neurosurgery Virtual Conference featuring talks from 6 world-leading Neurosurgeons in 6 different continents! If you are interested in either Global Surgery or Neurosurgery and want to know more, then this is the event for you and not one to be missed!! This two hour event will also provide attendees with the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the importance of Global Neurosurgery and enable them to ask questions to these passionate experts as well!!!

This is the first major collaboration between INCISION and NANSIG we are both very excited to deliver this conference virtual to reach students all across the world. Attendance for this two-hour will be FREE! We look forward to having you and hope to see you there!


Professor Servadei (Italy - Europe)

Professor Cherian (India - Asia)

Doctor Rubiano (Colombia - South America)

Doctor Rosenfeld (Australia - Oceania)

Doctor Kanmounye (Cameroon - Africa)


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