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Steering Committee

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Oxford University | Year 5


I want to build on the work of previous InciSioN UK committees, improving our reach and impact. I want to work closely with the wider InciSioN network to achieve meaningful international collaboration. Finally, I want to effectively guide and support the committee in carrying out their fantastic plans for the year ahead.

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Imperial College London | Year 4


As a Vice-Chair I want to continue growing InciSioN UK, emphasising the need for including global surgery into medical school curricula, as well as advocating for safe and affordable surgery for all. This year, I also want to work with other InciSioN National Working Groups, so we can create a truly international collaborative environment.

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Barts & the London | Intercalating


Contributing to driving the work of InciSion UK forward this year and working with an awesome group of individuals passionate about global surgery. I also hope to work closely with other national working groups globally to collaborate on projects.

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IMG_4338 - Chandini Parsan Chand.jpg



Being part of the InciSioN UK committee is a great opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who are equally passionate about global surgery and continue to raise awareness about global surgical care among all healthcare professionals through its various research, education and advocacy endeavours.

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Hull York Medical School | Intercalating

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Edinburgh University | Intercalating


Passionate about surgery and medical education, I hope to help expand on the limited undergraduate education in the surgical field through various means. I look forward to helping InciSioN UK reach a wider audience with her interest in graphics design and web development! Being part of the committee is a great opportunity to help promote awareness of cutting-edge ideas and innovations for Global Surgery to medical students and clinicians around the UK.

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University of Leeds | Year 4

Media Lead

I am very excited to be working on the InciSioN UK committee this year, with a great team of individuals, uniting to promote equity and safe access to surgery globally. I hope that during my role as Media Lead, I can continue to expand InciSioN's audience through informative and engaging content, whilst tailoring this content to what YOU would like to see more of!

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Design Lead

I want to provide professional designs that allow clear brand recognition and improve Incisions engagement. Interested in plastics, dermatology, medical art and MedTech.

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Barts & the London | Intercalating

Teodora Pampu headshot - Teodora-Ioana P


Queen's Belfast | Year 2

Network Lead

I hope that through my role I can advocate for global surgery, a field commonly absent from the medical curriculum and raise awareness on the importance of equitable surgical care provision across healthcare systems. Working along other equally passionate medical students and doctors from throughout the UK, I aim to build on the work of the previous committee and help enriching the organisation.

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Oxford University | Year 6

Education & Advocacy Lead

I want to increase cooperation between the national working groups and encourage more students to get involved in global surgery. Interested in wildlife photography - only a beginner but I hope to spend more time on this! Piano - most relaxing thing in the world to me. I love rowing/exercise as a good team sport to break up medicine.

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Smrithi Sriram - Smrithi Sriram.jpg


SGUL | Year 2

Education & Advocacy Lead

I am an aspiring surgeon with interests in global surgery and neurosurgery. I also enjoy teaching and photography. I hope to make friends with this year's team and network with doctors and surgeons. I also want to learn more about global surgery.

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Barts & the London | Year 4

Research Lead

Gideon has an interest in global neurosurgery, particularly in the fields of neuro-oncology and paediatrics. With these interests, he hopes to play a part in aiding collaborative research between the Global North and South. During his tenure Gideon hopes to shine a light on particular subjects in global neurosurgery which will play a role in providing access to service interventions in developing countries.

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Leicester University | Year 4

Research Lead

I'm looking forward to bringing together students from across the country (and the world!) to contribute to our shared goal of more equitable surgical and medical care for all. Interested in Child health, especially from a surgical perspective. I also feel that empowering others, whether through education or collaboration, is one of the most important things that anyone can achieve, and hope that I can make this central to what I do.

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InciSioN UK -Anisha Banerjee - Anisha Ba


King's College London | Year 6

Research Lead

As Research Lead, I hope to push forward cutting-edge research in the surgical management of skin cancer through national collaborative projects. Excited to work with such accomplished committee members and build on a legacy for global surgical research and charity.

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Lifebox GSA Co-Chair

Incision has been an integral part of my life the past year, providing me with the opportunity to meet some amazing people, as well as create and execute ideas around global surgery. I hope that this year, with a higher level of responsibility, I can continue contributing to the amazing work Incision UK does.

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Hull York Medical School | Intercalating

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University of Leicester (2018)

Junior Doctor Lead

I am interested in Neurosurgery with a particular interest in trauma. I am also interested in General and Colorectal surgery. I have an interest in medical education and research too. I hope to expand InciSioN to form a junior doctor network across the UK for doctors interested in global surgery. I am also looking forward to collaborating with junior doctors across the globe.

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University of Oxford (2020)

2019/20 Chair

Incision has been an integral part of my life the past year, providing me with the opportunity to meet some amazing people, as well as create and execute ideas around global surgery. I hope that this year, with a higher level of responsibility, I can continue contributing to the amazing work Incision UK does.

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