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Claire Karekezi: Joining the ranks of Neurosurgery

Today we have a TED talk and research paper from Dr Claire Karekezi, the first and only female neurosurgeon in Rwanda.


TED Talk

Joining the ranks of Neurosurgery: My Impossible Dream

Claire Karekezi


'After 15 years of intense training and studying that has taken her across three continents, Dr Claire Karekezi returns home to Rwanda as the only female neurosurgeon in the country. In this honest and passionate talk, Claire reflects on the commonality of her challenges as she seized opportunities on her journey to becoming a surgeon. Claire paints a clear picture of the lack of access to surgery in Africa and how her role is to train future neurosurgeons to contribute to this deficient. “I refuse to let being African and a woman be a limitation for me”, Claire says as “there is no unattainable dream”.'


Research Paper

The impact of African-trained neurosurgeons on sub-Saharan Africa

Claire Karekezi, 2020

Read via the link below or find the PDF here.


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