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Who are we?

InciSioN UK is a student and junior doctor-led group that is working to promote access to safe surgery, for all. We currently have a committee of 15 medical students from across the UK. We work with national and international partners to promote global surgery, around three key areas of work: research, education and advocacy. 

Have a watch of this video below to meet us and find out out a little more about what we do. 

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The Committee



Joshua Erhabor


My name's Joshua and I am a final-year medical student at Exeter University with a keen interest in Neurosurgery-Critical Care. I am honored to be a member of IncisionUK and look forward to progressing the 3 pillars of our organization: Education, Advocacy, Research!

Sai Kotecha


I'm the vice-president this year, and a final year medic at Cambridge. I'm hoping to promote collaboration with other national and medical school societies to encourage research, education and
advocacy in global surgery.

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Edwin Tong


My name is Edwin and I am a Foundation Year 1 Doctor working in Grampian. I aspire to be a surgeon and have a special interest in orthopaedics. I am also keen in academia, and I wish to be able to increase the awareness of surgical inequalities in our society. I am looking forward to work with the amazing team in Incision UK.

William Wong


I'm very excited to be part of the Incision committee this year. I'm passionate about collaborating with colleagues in the UK and around the world to improve surgical outcomes across the globe. As treasurer, I will be raising funds for Incision events and providing financial support to activities organized by the committee.

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Sakshi Roy


Hello! My name is Sakshi Roy and I am a second year medical student at QUB. I am excited for this opportunity to work with InCision. I am the Webmaster for the year 2022/23. As webmaster, I hope to grow Incision's target audience and engagement by making the website easily navigable, insightful, and aesthetically striking, with a plethora of resources for research, education, and advocacy!

Fay Fareed

Media Lead 

Hi everyone! I'm Fay and I'm the Social Media Lead for Incision UK this year. I study at the University of Buckingham and have a keen interest in surgery, especially plastics and neurosurgery.I can't wait to make our socials as interesting and engaging as possible, so please keep a look out!
Fun fact- I sing and play the guitar!

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Adele Mazzoleni

Design Lead 

I'm Adele, a third-year medical student at Barts, and I will be the design lead for this year. I'm looking forward to collaborating with the rest of the team to promote our education,
advocacy and research efforts
to increase awareness of global surgery!

Leshanth Uthayanan

Research Lead 

Hello! I am Leshanth and I am in my penultimate year of studies. I have a strong interest in pathology, surgery, and oncology. I am particularly interested in public perception and understanding of health information and how they interact with
healthcare systems. I am eager to get started with Incision UK, and a cool fact about me is that I really like to eat pineapples..

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Anoo Ramjeeawon

Research Lead 

Hi, I'm Anoo, one of the research leads for IncisionUK this year. I am also the research lead for the Incision UK junior doctors committee. I am currently a CST2 in a plastics-themed post in London. I have a very international family, therefore global surgery interests me. I have enjoyed research since medical school, and hope to inspire, encourage and support our committee and beyond through our exciting research projects planned for
this year.

Jashan Selvakumar

Medical Student Network Lead

As the Student Ambassador Lead for Incision UK, I aim to be the main point of correspondence between the student representatives of Incision and the committee. I aim to use the experience accumulated throughout these past years to bring improvement to the organization at all levels, from our global surgery research to educational and advocacy projects!

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Arjun Ahluwalia

Advocacy Lead

Heya! My name is Arjun Ahluwalia and I am the advocacy lead of IncisioN for the year 2022-23! Nice to meet y'all. I have always stood by a personal goal - to make an impact with what I do. And I aim to bring my ethics into this organization. I have big things planned, and hopefully, you guys can join me to see these ideas unfold!
Fun Fact- I am a major foodie!

Thomas Davies

Education Lead

I have a keen interest in medical education and global surgery, a topic I believe should have increased exposure both in medical school and junior doctor training. As Education Lead, I would love to increase collaboration with other InciSioN national working groups and help engage medical students and junior doctors with global surgical issues.

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Robyn Anderson

Junior Doctor Network Lead

I am a post-foundation training doctor, with a keen interest in surgery. When I'm not working, I enjoy roller skating and competitive cheerleading. I hope to further develop the Junior Doctor Network, facilitate networking with the other committee members, to create exciting global surgery-focused opportunities for Junior Doctors nationwide.

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