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In Conversation with
Mr Francesco Di Chiara

Mr Di Chiara.png
Mr. Di Chiara is currently a consultant thoracic surgeon at Oxford University Hospitals. In this episode he talks about his career path and gives students some helpful advice regarding applying to such an incredibly competitive pathway..

Mr. Di Chiara trained in Italy in cardiothoracic transplantation and cardiac surgery before coming to the UK. He has been a visiting fellow twice at the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital and Chengdu Thoracic Surgery Centre.


Most notably, Mr. Di Chiara is known for introducing unilateral VATS surgery at Oxford, where he now performs complex thoracic operations. These include sleeve lobectomies, chest wall resections and segmectomies. He also has an interest in research and has managed to include Oxford University Thoracic Surgery in a national randomised controlled trial on the management of rib fractures, funded by the NIHR. 

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