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Past and Ongoing Projects


  1. International Survey Of Medical Students Exposure to Relevant Global Surgery (ISOMERS)

  2. Study of Undergraduate Respondents on Global Surgery Education (SURGE)

  3. Global Health Education in UK Medical Schools (GHEMS)

  4. Checking in on the Surgical Safety Checklist

  5. Latin American Indicator Research Collaboratory

  6. World Development Indicators

Digital Work Life

International Survey Of Medical students Exposure to Relevant global Surgery (ISOMERS)

A Cross-Sectional Study

InciSIoN UK is taking part in the ISOMERS study. This online, international, multi-centre, questionnaire-based study evaluates global surgery exposure, global surgery knowledge and career aspirations among medical students across the world. 

Given the International Student Surgical Network (InciSioN) has national working groups (NWGS) across the world, we are in a unique position to establish the global surgery educational practices globally.

Establishing an international framework on global surgery exposure and knowledge is important, as it will enable InciSioN to provide support and supplement formal educational practices where needed.

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