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Past and Ongoing Projects


  1. Global Outcomes After Laparotomy for Trauma (GOAL Trauma) - CURRENT PROJECT

  2. International Survey Of Medical Students Exposure to Relevant Global Surgery (ISOMERS)

  3. Study of Undergraduate Respondents on Global Surgery Education (SURGE)

  4. Global Health Education in UK Medical Schools (GHEMS)

  5. Checking in on the Surgical Safety Checklist

  6. Latin American Indicator Research Collaboratory

  7. World Development Indicators

  8. Skin of Colour Representation in Teaching and Assessment of Students (Socrites)

Digital Work Life

Global Outcomes after laparotomy for trauma (GOAL Trauma)

InciSIoN UK is taking part in GOAL Trauma,  a global observational study into the mortality rates following a trauma laparotomy. We aim to provide insight into the variation in time delays in receiving care, disease and patient factors, and overall patient outcomes. 

InciSioN UK is proud to be taking part in collecting primary data to help understand barriers and key target areas to improve overall care and outcomes for patients presenting with blunt and penetrating trauma injuries.

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