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Research Updates


Published Paper!

After 2 years in the making, InciSioN UK is proud to announce that our "Global Health Education in UK Medical Schools (GHEMS)" study is now published on BMC MedEd Journal. This is the first ever mapping of global health curricula done across a country,

Update 29/30/2020

2020 Projects (Active)

SOCRiTES Research Project








The SOCRiTES team consists of the steering committee and over 30 local leads at UK medical schools. Data collection is expected to begin in December 2020 and end in February 2021. If you are a final year medical student, keep an eye out for our survey, which will provide an opportunity to get your opinion on this important topic heard!

We hope that our findings will inform the provision of diverse skin of colour representation in undergraduate dermatology teaching in a way that is sensitive and provides practical benefit to students, and additionally demonstrate the utility of collaboratively-acquired, student-generated data in guiding the timely future development of medical curricula.



Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 18.13.38.png

In October 2020, we began recruiting local collaborators for a new InciSioN UK study of medical education. SOCRiTES - “Skin of Colour Representation in Teaching and Assessment of Students” - aims to understand how skin of colour representation in undergraduate dermatology teaching influences medical students’ clinical experiences. It is a national, mixed-methods study involving surveys of students and medical school faculty, as well as a series of student focus groups.

2020 Projects
Past and Ongoing

Past and Ongoing Projects


  1. International Survey Of Medical Students Exposure to Relevant Global Surgery (ISOMERS): A Cross-Sectional Study

  2. Study of Undergraduate Respondents on Global Surgery Education (SURGE)

  3. Global Health Education in UK Medical Schools (GHEMS)

  4. Checking in on the Surgical Safety Checklist

  5. Latin American Indicator Research Collaboratory

  6. World Development Indicators – Surgical Data Collection 2016

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