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In Conversation With Miss Natasha Berridge

Today we have a podcast episode and profile with Miss Berridge, NHS OMFS Consultant Surgeon, specialising in management and reconstructive aesthetic treatment of skin cancer. Stay tuned for Miss Berridge's IG live later in the month.



Ines Ongenda talks to Miss Natasha Berridge, a consultant oral and maxillo-facial surgeon based in London, UK. Miss Berridge shares her journey, why she loves OMFS and why she is keen to mentor and inspire the next generation of surgeons and especially women surgeons.



Can you tell us about your professional interests?

I enjoy all aspects of Oral & Maxillofacial surgery but especially have a keen interest in facial trauma and the management of skin cancer of the head & neck region. I particularly enjoy the challenge of soft tissue reconstruction and the necessary aesthetic focus required for the corrective reconstruction needed to manage these cases. I am fortunate in being able to also pursue my interest in Aesthetic Medicine which further compliments the scope of work that I perform within the NHS. I greatly enjoy teaching and am currently a faculty member for the Masters of Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Manchester. I enjoy medical writing and have been able to diversify further by writing papers not only for peer reviewed scientific publications but also as a medical journalist for a high-end online fashion magazine.

What is the professional achievement you are most proud of and why?

Without a doubt that would be becoming a dually qualified (in Medicine and Dentistry) Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon. Further to this, I have also gained additional post-graduate qualifications including the MFDS, MRCS and gaining the exit examination FRCS in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. During my final year of higher surgical training I completed the highly competitive TIG Fellowship in Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery and recently, I was awarded my Masters of Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine with Merit from the University of Manchester.

What would Miss NL Berridge of 2020 say to Natasha first year in medical/dental school?

Work hard, be consistent and maintain focus on your end goal regardless of the inevitable hurdles that will come your way. The journey will not always be easy and there will certainly be highs and lows. However, believe me, that feeling of achievement once you have achieved your dreams is second to none. Work to your highest standard, be kind and always treat people/patients with the respect that you would expect one to treat you or a close member of your family. Everybody has their own unique pathway to success, some take longer than others (otherwise known as the scenic route) but that's okay because there is no fixed timeline to fulfilling your lifelong ambitions which continually evolve. Finally, be true to your inner self and do not put too much emphasis on the future. Each achievement is a stepping stone to the next along the pathway of career and life which are clearly intrinsically linked…….and finally, always remember, what is meant for you will not pass you by!


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