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One day to World Cancer Day

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

On the occasion of World Cancer Day we are inviting you to...


Listen to our podcast

Ines Ongenda, InciSioN UK project lead, speaks with Miss Adeola Olaitan, gynaecological oncologist at University College London Hospital.


Read today’s paper

Cervical cancer: A global health crisis

"Cervical cancer causes more than one quarter of a million deaths per year as a result of grossly deficient treatments in many developing countries."

This article, published by the America Cancer Society, reviews the biology, prevention and treatment of cervical cancer, with discussion on strategies for tackling the cervical cancer crisis in developing countries.

Read via the link or viewer below or find the PDF here.


Watch this video from the official World Cancer Day campaign

World Cancer Day 2020: Progress is Possible

"Join us on 4 February and speak out and stand up for a cancer-free world. Because, progress is possible. It's not inevitable. This video is dedicated to the memory of Karinya Chen."


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