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In Conversation With Dr Tamara Fitzgerald

'Dr. Tamara Fitzgerald is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Pediatric Surgery at Duke University. Her research focus is in global surgery, surgical capacity building and burden of surgical disease in sub-Saharan Africa. Together with a multi-institutional team, she has participated in developing a fellowship program in pediatric surgery in Uganda, which has graduated 2 Ugandan pediatric surgeons, with 4 others in training.' ~ Duke Global Health Institute


Today, Dr Fitzgerald talks to Ines Ongenda about her journey to become a paediatric surgeon,  her career as a Global Paediatric surgeon and building surgical capacity in East Africa.


Changing Our Lens on Global Surgery

Interested to hear more? Watch Dr Fitzgerald's lecture on developing paediatric surgery in Uganda.

'About the lecture: 400 million children in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to surgical care, thus pediatric surgical conditions which are treatable in high-income countries often result in chronic disability, stigmatization, and death. At present, Uganda has only 4 general pediatric surgeons for a population of over 39 million people; half of which are children. Dr. Fitzgerald will present her research describing the burden of pediatric congenital anomalies in Uganda, and why the solution to this daunting problem may reside in changing how we view global surgery.'


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