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In Conversation With Miss Anders Brown

Today Miss Anders Brown talks to Ines Ongenda about her journey, her career and the meaning of her work in the Global Health and Global Surgery space.


Lauren Anders Brown is the award-winning documentary director of The Checklist Effect a documentary made with Lifebox Foundation based on Atul Gawande’s book on the implementation surgical safety checklist worldwide. She’s the woman behind her production company colLABorate ideas and images  and her other documentaries include Six Year Old Fears, Shanti Khana, WOMENstruate and her latest in production When The Shifts Change. Her films have screened at festivals including the Cannes Film Festival and been broadcast internationally. She’s filmed in over 40 countries focusing on global health and humanitarian issues; writes and broadcasts her experiences in her podcast I Am My Own Correspondent; and has just recently published her debut photography book Stranger Daughter.


The Checklist Effect Trailer


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